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R.I.P. Barrie Ingham (voice of Basil)

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 3:42 AM

Yes, folks. Just recently we lost a very beautiful and talented man, Barrie Ingham.

I don't know how many of you have heard of him, but he was very well known as being the voice of Basil of Baker Street from The Great Mouse Detective (he was also the voice of Bartholomew, the little drunk mouse that gets eaten by Ratigan's cat, Felicia).

I'll be honest with you. It always saddens me greatly when well loved celebrities die. Like everyone else, I was extremely shocked when I heard about the death of Robin Williams. But I'm ashamed to admit, that I never actually cried for any of them, because they weren't as close to my heart as a few others are that I could mention. Not that I didn't like Robin or anything, I thought he was exceedingly funny, and I loved him as the Genie from Aladdin and Theodore Roosevelt in the Night at the Museum movies, and I'm still very sad about not only his death, but at the fact that it was by his own hand too. The only time I can remember that I cried for a celebrity I loved was after waking up from a nightmare I had in which Nick Park, the creator of Wallace and Gromit had died. Barrie, of course, is the first genuine celebrity death I've cried for.

Apparently he died at the age of 82 (only a few weeks shy of 83), from a brief illness on Friday just there, but I only heard about it yesterday after reading a journal posted by :iconbasil4life:. I would've posted a journal about it there and then, but I had just posted that other one yesterday, so. At first, I was just so shocked when I saw the title that I didn't even know what to say. But it wasn't until after posting a comment on Paula's journal saying just that that I immediately burst into tears. Of course I had only seen a few other things that Barrie had been in other than GMD, but he still meant so much to me because he had provided the voice to one of my favourite fictional characters ever, and he was one of my top celebrities whom I'd really loved to have met one day. He just seemed like a really lovely, charming person, and I still can't believe that he's really gone.

But, I'm very glad to say that despite his sudden and recent departure, that because this illness he had was only brief, that if he did indeed suffer, it wasn't for very long, and he sure as hell did seem to have lived a very wonderful, amazing life as an actor. I just hope that he went peacefully and painlessly.

So, thank you so much Barrie, for all the joy and pleasure you have brought to people's lives, especially me and my fellow GMD fans. We all thank you personally for helping to bring to life our favourite little mouse detective. I just don't think anybody else could have suited him better than you did. Let's face it, Barrie, that mouse was you! Rest in peace, man. :salute:

Barrie Ingham
1932 - 2015
:rose: :tombstone:

  • Mood: Emotional
  • Listening to: Adrian von Ziegler - Passing


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